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Players make bets with chips on a specially made craps table with a "layout" – a table cloth made of felt that displays the various betting possibilities, which vary somewhat in bet presence, position, and payout among casinos. The tables have the shape of a bathtub used to contain the dice which are rolled by the players in turn.

With the table oriented with its long sides running left to right, along one long side is the casino's bank. There is space for up to 10 players to stand (or occasionally sit, on barstools) and place their bets on each side. The walls of the tub are

covered with a rubberized pyramid-shaped texture, used to randomly reflect the dice that are thrown towards them from the opposite side of the table.
An additional group of bets is in the middle of the layout, are referred to as proposition bets, and are used for bets by players from both sides. The top rim of the table has horizontal grooves for players to keep their chips (lying horizontally) while not in play.


Players: 10

Square Footage: allow for 8 ft x 12 ft for table, dealers and players comfort.  Allow additional spacing for walking traffic around active tables.

Seating: Standing Room Only.

Craps is an exciting, crowd pleasing game. With players taking turns rolling the dice it offers more direct interaction than other house games. It is more complicated and so not the best choice for a party of mostly beginners, but our staff are their to help welcome and teach new players so that everyone has fun!