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Money Wheel

Money Wheel is an unequal game of chance, played using a large vertical wheel that can be spun. The wheel is divided into a number of equal segments separated by spokes or pins. Each segment is associated with a number. The wheel is spun by a dealer, and the winning segment is indicated by a pointer mounted on a flexible piece of rubber or leather, which also rubs against the pins to impart friction and slow the wheel down.


Square Footage: allow for 8 ft x 12 ft for table, dealers and players comfort.  Allow additional spacing for walking traffic around active tables.

Seating: Standing Room Only, with a height that allows for wheelchair access and play.

Money Wheel is the easiest game to play and perfect if you have shy or inexperienced players at your party. With easy to understand betting and payouts, and a helpful dealer to welcome and train newcomers, Money Wheel is recommended with all of our larger packages.